Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The DINO's are here!

Hello everyone! First grade at Clarion Elementary has a special visitor for 5 weeks... an artist in residence! She is visiting us through a grant that was written this year. Her name is Clari Van Niekerk, and she is a world renown artist, author, and musician. Clari now lives in Meadville Pennsylvania, but is originally from South Africa. Check out her site here! Clari will be introducing 1st Grade to the world of Dinosaurs! The students will use art, music, movement and theatre to express what they have learned with Clari.
Mrs. B wanted her students to share this exciting time... and who better to collaborate with than Mrs. A's Global Gorillas!
So... through this Blog site, Mrs. A's class will be creating some neat dinosaur informative projects with the 1st graders... and Mrs. B's class will be sharing their experiences and projects created during Clari's stay.

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